The Tanagers of Panama-featured_image

The Tanagers of Panama

Plain-colored tanager
Plain-colored tanager, Canopy B&B, Gamboa
Palm tanager
Palm tanager, Canopy B&B, Gamboa

We mostly see the scarlet and summer tanagers in the southeast, but on a March 2016 trip to Panama we saw half a dozen new (to us) species (including the Golden-crowned or golden-hooded tanager):

Ruddy-tailed tanager
Ruddy-tailed tanager, Metropolitan Natural Park
Female white-shouldered tanager
Female white-shouldered tanager, Pipeline Road, Soberania National Park
Golden-hooded Tanager
Golden-hooded Tanager, Canopy B&B, Gamboa

white-shouldered tanager

The rosy-thrush tanager

white-shouldered tanager
white-shouldered tanager
crimson-backed tanager
crimson-backed tanager
Blue-gray tanager
Blue-gray tanager
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