Tiny Hawk visits Soberania National Park, Panama-featured_image

Tiny Hawk visits Soberania National Park, Panama

Thanks to expert birder Justo Carmago @justadventuresp for helping us spot this Tiny Hawk in the forest of Panama! pic.twitter.com/yxZ6fFJvUQ

As the Cornell University ornithology site notes, “Despite its large range, it is seldom encountered and is poorly known, with very little data on its behavior and or its breeding.” We spotted this bird because Justo took us off the Pipeline Road path and into the jungle.

On just two birding trips with Justo Carmago (@justadventuresp) we saw 150+ species of birds. We visited the Metropolitan Nature Park in Panama City on Sunday, March 13, and Soberania National Park (specifically, the Pipeline Road birding area) on Tuesday, March 15. I highly recommend Justo if you are a birder and want to go birding in Panama.

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