Golden-hooded tanager, Costa Rica

We spotted this beauty¬†on a branch near the Mt. Arenal Volano lodge. The “tangara larvata” is also called the Golden-masked Tanager, for obvious reasons. It is a small bird, similar in size to the north American sparrow, 5 inches or so.

Yellow-throated toucan at dusk, Mt. Arenal Costa Rica

The first night of our stay at Manoa Arenal Lodge, near the town of La Fortuna and also Mt. Arenal Volcano National Park, we walked through the grounds as the sun was setting and looked up at one of the many nearby Cecropia trees (ubiquitous important invaders of man-made clearings) and were treated to the…

Male & Female honeycreepers in La Fortuna

These beautiful honeycreepers were a surprise, appearing in the branches above us in a private nature preserve outside of La Fortuna.